Pilates Physical Fitness System

The objective of the system is to retrain the body to move smoothly and efficiently avoiding unnecessary fatigue or harm from unnecessary strain. In order to achieve this objective, Joseph Pilates developed a series of special exercise techniques which strengthen the "stabilizer" muscles whose location is deep inside the body, near the joints around the spinal vertebra and pelvic floor. These muscles are responsible for stabilizing the joints during movement.

Pilates attributed great importance to these muscles. He understood that using these muscles correctly would facilitate better quality and greater range of movement while preventing damage to the spinal vertebra and other joints of the body.

First Lesson Free

A private trial Pilates lesson is available to you free of charge.

During this first trial lesson the pilates instructor will explain and help you to clarify your goals and build an appropriate programme of exercises to enable you to reach those goals.

for further information, details and enrolment contact me.

PMA 2013 Conference

At the 13th annual meeting of the Pilates Method Alliance which was held in October 2013 I gave a workshop on Pilates for Promoting Recovery After Central Nervous System (CNS) Injuries.

Watch the use-cases clip I presented at the workshop.

Exercise of the Month

Coming soon, the exercise of the month will be presented for both students and teachers.

It will illustrate clearly how to practice and how to teach the exercise.