Pilates and Physical Therapy

The Pilates system began as physical therapy for veterans injured in the First World War. The characteristics of this system which include controlled breathing, mental concentration and control of the body was helpful for many people with a variety of disabilities.

The sequence and rythm of the exercise encourages controlled and functional movement. The movement that is thus created throughout the body, not only improves the physical state but also lifts the morale - a factor important for everyone and especially for people with special needs.

First Lesson Free

A private trial Pilates lesson is available to you free of charge.

During this first trial lesson the pilates instructor will explain and help you to clarify your goals and build an appropriate programme of exercises to enable you to reach those goals.

for further information, details and enrolment contact me.

PMA 2013 Conference

At the 13th annual meeting of the Pilates Method Alliance which was held in October 2013 I gave a workshop on Pilates for Promoting Recovery After Central Nervous System (CNS) Injuries.

Watch the use-cases clip I presented at the workshop.

Exercise of the Month

Coming soon, the exercise of the month will be presented for both students and teachers.

It will illustrate clearly how to practice and how to teach the exercise.